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Yeah, you could spend $2000 on a refrigerator, but it's likely to be dead within 5 years. Meanwhile, if you'd spent your $2000 on a GREAT turntable, You would simply keep humming away (as would the 'table) for FAR longer. Buy the turntable!  It only hurts your checkbook once (and food's overrated anyway...)



Audio Renaissance, Upstate New York's exclusive one stop Turntable Shop is located at 333 Metro Park, Suite M-105 (Mid-Bay entrance) off of Brighton-Henrietta Townline Rd.

Audio Renaissance offers new and reconditioned turntables, electronics, loudspeakers, accessories and vinyl. We are an authorized seller of J.A Michell, Pro-Ject, Thorens and VPI turntables. Also represented are Applied Research and Technology (A.R.T), Audio Desk Systeme, Dynavector, Lyra, Nitty Gritty, Spin Clean, Grado, DH Labs, Audioquest, Wireworld, Power Modules (by David Belles), Denon, Yamaha, Sanus, KingSound, Monitor Audio, Opera, and much more. Reconditioned 'tables are fully calibrated and ready to go with a 30-day warranty! We sell new vinyl from Sundazed & Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL), even a select group of used titles, too.

Audio Renaissance performs repairs, tune-ups and refurbishment of your existing turntable! Not sure of the condition of what you have? Don't ruin your records trying to find out by yourself! We provide a detailed analysis and make specific recommendations to help get you back to spinning your music once again.

Audio Renaissance is home to the Audioquest & DH Labs In-Home Cable Trial Program. Cables are each available for a 48 hour loan so customers can try them out for themselves!

Audio Renaissance does vinyl to CD transfers! Standard rate is $30.00 per LP. Have questions? Please contact us for details.

Audio Renaissance is the exclusive upstate New York dealership for the all new Audio Desk Systeme Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner! Stop in and have your LP's cleaned for just $5.00 each! This is the most important record cleaning device ever made! We represent the outstanding Power Modules (by David Belles) line of Rochester, N.Y- built Hi-Fi components! Our demo system features the Power Modules 150A V2 Power Amplifier, 22A Hybrid Vacuum Tube Preamp, and the all-new PH-01 Phono Stage. The revolutionary Spin Clean Record Washer is in stock & priced at just $80.00. Spin Clean also offers the deluxe SCRW Complete model for $125.00, too. Come in for a demonstration of these mandatory, USA-made record cleaners. Audio Renaissance is now the ONLY Upstate NY VPI FACTORY CERTIFIED dealership! Come in and listen to the USA-made Nomad, Scout Jr. and Classic 1 model turntables for yourself!

Set your crazy, hectic life aside for just a little while- Dust off and rediscover your neglected record collection! Relax, kick back and relive some great musical memories via the LP today- You deserve it!  Better yet, bring in your favorite records and hear what you've been missing on one of our high quality turntables! There are always at least 8 pre-owned models available for demonstration & purchase.

Drop in for a visit, or give us a call at 585.272.7898 today. Thanks for stopping by! Craig